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Why should you buy a diesel car?

16th January 2018

It’s been a tough year for diesel cars in the press, with various companies and governments expressing various controversial opinions. However, despite all the rumours and the propaganda, diesel cars are still one of the UK’s key fuel type options – so we thought it might be useful to explore why you might choose a diesel over a petrol (or even an electric car).

Diesel is a more efficient fuel

Although diesel and petrol fuel efficiency have closed in on one another over the past few years and petrol technology has developed, Diesel was historically the fuel choice for a much better miles per gallon.

Whilst the fuel types are more similar nowadays, that doesn’t change the fact that diesel is a more efficient fuel – it converts heat into energy rather than creating heat as a by-product, and that means that it has a more consistent, steady speedy increase. You aren’t going to race out of the blocks, but you’ll be more consistent, steadier and more durable.

Are diesels a “less clean” option?

Connected to diesel efficiency and this year’s diesel gate controversy, we often get questioned by concerned drivers who worry that a diesel car, whilst suiting them in other ways, might be polluting the world.

Whilst older diesel cars will be measurably less clean than petrol, that isn’t generally the case for more modern vehicles. After all, the engine technology has been extensively developed and improved, and that means that diesel engines are generally equivalent to petrol – in fact, a lot of the learnings from diesel engines are currently being used to help improve petrol models cleanliness too!

Typically, diesels need less repairs

Whilst no car is repair free over it’s lifetime, we do tend to see that diesel cars are generally better. You’ll still need to change the oil etc as with any car, but they won’t need any spark plug related changes (because they don’t have them) and the fact that they don’t get ragged around in the same way as a high powered petrol means they tend to last for far more miles!

If you’re looking for a workhorse, you probably won’t go wrong with the right high-mileage Volvo or Mercedes!

Diesel is a more torque-y option

If you want quick speed out of the gate, petrol is probably the option for you. However, don’t write off a diesel – these engines have much more torque than petrol. In short, that means that the cars are great for towing (caravanners, we’re looking at you!), and have more strength through all of the gears.

It’s also worth mentioning that turbo diesel technology has developed hugely – so a lot of diesel models have far more poke than you might think.

Have you decided if a diesel or a petrol is the ideal car for you?

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