Why Diesels are still a car choice to consider

by admin on May 1, 2018

Diesel has been one of the top controversial topics in the automotive industry for some time. But the question still stands. Which is better, Diesel or Petrol?

Petrol vs. Diesel

The petrol vs diesel debate has been a hot topic for a long time in the automotive industry, but who’s the real winner?

Fuel Economy

Petrol cars have always seemed to be more popular than diesel. Maybe it’s the cheaper trips to the Shell garage that sways the decision of the general public, but did you know that diesel cars are actually up to 30% more efficient than petrol cars? This benefit becomes even more in favour of diesel if you are more frequently travelling for longer time periods at high speed – on the motorway for example.


Being eco-friendly is a part of modern life across the globe and the use of fossil fuels has come under a large amount of scrutiny over the recent years because of what it is doing to our planet. It is now apparent to us that petrol produces a lot more CO2 than diesel, making it a lot worse for the environment for you to drive a petrol car.

The Driving Experience!

For the diehard motoring fans, it all comes down to the experience and feel of driving your car. You might not think that the difference between petrol and diesel impacts the driving that much but, you’d be surprised! Diesel cars off more low-speed torque which gives the cars better ability when overtaking and towing. In addition to this, diesel engines kick out a distinct roar which is fantastic!

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