When does your car need Servicing

by admin on September 18, 2017

It’s a simple question that unfortunately does not really have a straight forward answer. Read our Guide.

Many new cars with low mileage can now go up to three years before needing a service and it’s important to follow manufacturers’ recommendations to reduce depreciation costs by maintaining a good service record. However for second hand and older car owners it may be more important to keep costs lower, though at the very least an annual oil change is beneficial, even for cars that do low annual mileage.

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Regular Servicing

Servicing your car is the best way to ensure that everything is working as it should and to avoid serious damage to the engine and other parts. You are also likely to find that performance may deteriorate and fuel economy can also suffer when regular servicing is missed, and furthermore, safety equipment including the brakes could also be compromised.

Although all cars are prone to breaking down at some stage, even brand new ones, you are more likely to have a more reliable car if you have followed the manufacturers’ service schedule. Over the long term it is generally accepted that preventative maintenance is better than waiting for your car to breakdown before having any repairs carried out.

Setting aside the inconvenience of breaking down you will find that a car with a full service history will benefit from an enhanced market value, potentially adding thousands onto the value of your car. It also makes it much easier to sell on privately, as potential buyers know the car has been well looked after.

Replacing Timing Belts

There is one area of recommended maintenance where it is vitally important to adhere to, and that is replacing the engine timing chain or belt, sometimes referred to as the ‘Cam Belt’. Every vehicle manufacturer will stipulate when this should be done, usually quoting vehicle mileage or age, and it should be taken very seriously. If this part was to fail, and it is a very common failure in older cars, it almost always results in catastrophic engine damage. This is caused by the internal moving parts of the engine bashing into each other at high speed.

What to do Before Long Journeys

Before setting off on a road trip it is well worth doing a basic check on things like tyre pressures, engine oil level, screen wash and cooling system fluid levels. Most breakdowns are often caused by these simple checks being neglected. Also any instrument warning lights should also be investigated at the earliest opportunity.

Winter Checks

Last but not least, don’t forget to check the anti-freeze level in the engine cooling system before the cold weather arrives. Even if it was okay last year it may need topping up, especially if you have added water during the summer.


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