Increase in Speed Cameras Calls for Safer Driving on Lincolnshire Roads!

by admin on June 29, 2017

speed cameras will capture youWith more speed cameras frequenting the streets of North Lincolnshire this summer, it is as important as ever to understand the laws and penalties for speeding. Here at Eddie Wright, we want to ensure all our customers are up to date with the changes in the law and how they coincide with the recent increase of mobile speed cameras in the Lincolnshire area. We want to protect you and your families from any unnecessary motoring infringements that cost you money and time!

Follow The Law

Although you may be thinking, ‘If I stick to the speed limit I’ll be fine’ and this is somewhat true, not all speedometers are accurate and can sometimes go out of calibration, causing drivers to unknowingly drive over the limit.

To assist drivers, the National Police Chief’s Council (NCCP) have published guidelines to give drivers a better idea of where their speed needs to fall to lower the risk of a speeding fine. The guidelines suggest police forces are unlikely to prosecute if the speed does not exceed 10% of the original speed, e.g. 33 in a 30mph area, with an additional 2mph leeway for a speedometer calibration.

Depending on how fast you were going, the police will either send you an offer to attend a speed awareness course, a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) or a court summons.

Enhanced Vehicle Features

Whether you have purchased a new or used vehicle in Lincolnshire, today many vehicles are manufactured with additional tech to enhance the user experience and keep drivers safe on the road. These enhancements have crossed over into improving speed awareness by ensuring drivers are conscious of speed limits.

As the Lincolnshire area has seen an increase in mobile speed cameras, not all drivers will be aware of their location and get caught out in accident blackspot zones. With inbuilt satnav systems in most new cars today, drivers have an advantage as the systems updated regularly to keep you informed of these changes.

Some insurers require a black box to be fitted in your vehicle to lower the price of your insurance policy. By installing a box drivers are monitored on their performance and speed. This allows the insurance companies to determine whether to lower the cost of your insurance annually or increase it. To lower the risk of higher premiums, drivers are encouraged to stick to the speed limit, which can then lower their risk of receiving a speeding penalty.

Follow the laws and take additional precautions to keep you and other drivers safe. Consider your speed next time you’re whizzing round on the Lincolnshire roads!

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