Give Your Car a Spring Health Check!

by admin on April 11, 2017

Spring CleanThe dark and cold nights are finally behind us and we can finally look forward to at least a little bit of sunshine! Winter can leave your car in a bit of a sorry state, the weather leaving your paintwork dull and in need of some TLC. There are also some other important parts of your car you should check are in full working order. Here are our top tips!

Check your tyres

Your tyres take a battering over the winter months, dealing with cold and wet road surfaces, potholes and general wear and tear. It is important to check your tyre tread, pressure and to make sure there aren’t any cuts or bulges that could pose a potential problem. Head over to our handy tyre check guide to make sure your tyres are road safe.

Check fluid levels

You’ll use windscreen washer fluid more in winter than in any other season, especially due to the dirty roads. Make sure your windscreen wash is topped up, we’d recommend keeping some in the boot of your car so you can top up on the go!

While you’re topping up the windscreen wash it’s a good idea to check and if needed top up your oil and coolant levels too as they’re vital for keeping your car running smoothly.

Spring clean!

Don’t forget to give a little love and care to your paintwork, especially if you have neglected it a little over winter! Give the bodywork a good clean with some car shampoo and the pressure washer. Don’t forget to give the interior some attention too. Empty out all the rubbish and give it a good vacuum to get rid of all the winter dirt. We also think your car would appreciate a new air freshener, something spring like will do!


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