February 2016

Jones to Look to Scotland to Make Decision on Alcohol Levels

February 23, 2016

Recent statements from Transport Minister Andrew Jones suggest adjusting drink-drive limits is still some way off.

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New Top Gear Line Up Announced

February 15, 2016

Since the dramatic departure of Top Gear’s three presenters last year, the production team have been busy building a brand new line up, which was recently announced in full.

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Accidents Biggest Worry for UK Motorists

February 8, 2016

crashThe biggest worry for motorists in the UK is being involved in an accident.  Other than the physical injuries that might occur, another serious concern for drivers comes in the form of the financial implications.  No one wants to pay up large sums of money especially if they weren’t at fault and on top of that people don’t want to be paying fees for motorists who make false claims about being injured.

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