October 2015

Lexus & BMW Gunning for Audi

October 23, 2015

eddie Wright - lexus-bmwWe know as well as anyone that the Audi R8 is one of the most unquestionably desirable things on four wheels, and particularly loved here in the UK.

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Smoking in Cars with Kids to Become Illegal

October 22, 2015

Eddie - Smoking BanFrom the first of next month UK driving regulations on smoking in your car are changing. You will no longer be allowed to smoke in the car with children present. Here is a full breakdown of the new rules.

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The Government has plotted the biggest motoring reform to be seen in this country in 80 years

October 21, 2015

eddiebloglThe report which is due to be published next month in October has laid out plans for what can only be described as the driving revolution; the biggest since 1935.

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