August 2015

Diesel Prices Plummet Below Petrol

August 7, 2015

petrolSupermarket forecourts across the UK have dropped their diesel prices by up to 2p per litre resulting in a litre of diesel being cheaper than a litre of petrol. So how after ten years has this happened? Well, there has been an increased diesel supply which has pushed the market price down and therefore allowed for forecourts to cut their prices in a bid to share the savings made with motorists.

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What is Operation Stack

August 6, 2015


We are all looking forward to our summer holidays at this time of year and with France, Spain and Portugal being more popular than ever the ports across the south of the country are under more strain than ever. None more so than Calais, which is having to deal with the pressure of increasing amounts of tourists as well as the serious issues of immigrants forcing their way through to the UK illegally. With all these issues very much at the forefront of British travellers’ minds, we decided to explore more about Operation Stack and what it means for you as well as the rest of the country.

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