September 2014

iLostMyCar: Apple to Develop Car Locating Smartphone App

September 24, 2014

Find My CarWe’ve all been there. You’re walking back to the car, past rows and rows of stationary vehicles, heavy shopping starting to take a toll on your back, when you suddenly realised that you have absolutely no recollection of where you left the car. Searching around for the familiar paintwork, you find yourself ambling aimlessly through the car park, cursing the similarly coloured vehicles. If this has ever happened to you, then help might well be arriving from an unlikely source.

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Tax Disc Demise

September 17, 2014

As of October 1st, the paper tax disc will be no more. In its place will be a new online tax registration system, with drivers needing to make the switch before the beginning of October or they will risk being fined.

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Previews in Paris: What to Expect from the Paris Motor Show

September 10, 2014

Coming once every two years, the Paris Motor Show is one of the hottest events in the motoring calendar. Hosted in one of the world’s most glamorous cities, manufacturers have long used the event as a place in which to unveil some of their most soul stirring concepts. While many vehicles are officially unveiled at […]

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