August 2014

5 Really Reliable SUVs

August 30, 2014

2014-motor-trend-suv-of-the-year-contender-and-finalist-02We’ve noticed that SUVs are becoming increasingly popular, particularly as family cars. But why is this, and which are the most reliable?

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UK Law Makes Way for Driverless Cars

August 26, 2014

driverless-carVince Cable, the Business Secretary, recently announced the government’s intention to see driverless cars on British roads by 2015. Ministers plan to revise the existing laws and legislation that will allow computer-controlled cars on public roads by January next year.

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Driving License Fees to Drop in 2014

August 19, 2014

s300_Photocards_02Are you a new, or soon to be new driver? If you’re applying for you first ever UK driving licence later this year, the good news is that you will save money and get it cheaper than those who have applied before you!

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The Black Box Debate

August 12, 2014

article-2099483-11AC91AD000005DC-860_468x261News that black boxes could be fitted to the inside of new vehicles has been largely criticised by motorists, but what do you think on this new insurance technology.

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