May 2014

Forget Self Driving: Nissan’s New Car is Self Cleaning

May 30, 2014

article-2612328-1D51C5F600000578-486_634x424Check your to-do list for the weekend and the chances are you’ll find ‘clean the car’ somewhere near the top. Most of us live in a perennial state of needing to give our cars a clean. All that could be set to change, though, as Nissan’s new Note prototype has the innovative USP of being ‘self cleaning’. The technology is nothing sort of genius.

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Are Dash-Cams the Future of Motoring?

May 23, 2014

Dash CamA lower insurance premium is what most motorist hope for every year, so if there was a way doing so would you? By purchasing a dash cam you could not only lower your premiums but, in the event of an accident, have all the evidence you need. Recently there has been a major influx in dash cams. Motorists that own such devices are now reaping the benefits by being offered lower premiums when they come to insure their cars.

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A Sign of Confusion: Do you Know your Roadsigns?

May 16, 2014

sign_not_in_use New research by insurance company More Than reveals shocking ignorance among drivers about road signs. Do you know the sign for the National speed limit? 34% don’t. A worrying one in seven, when asked to identify the sign for a slippery road, thought that it meant there was paint on the road!

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