March 2014

World Car of the Year: The Finalists

March 31, 2014

world-car-of-the-year-20-31ed6d0,641,0,0,0The World Car of the Year is an annual competition organised and judged by 69 automotive journalists from every corner of the world, covering 22 countries. There is no affiliation with any automobile company or organisation, making the competition completely independent and credible in the awards it gives.

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MOT’s Optional? New Survey Surprises!

March 24, 2014

MOT-logoWhile most of us know to take our cars in for an annual MOT test to make sure everything’s running well, a significant minority don’t realise that MOT testing is required by law for any cars more than three years old. A recent survey carried out by the part replacement specialists Kwik Fit found that 10 per cent of British drivers, a figure that amounts to around 3.4 million, think that MOT test certificates are optional.

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Geneva in Review: Marvellous Motoring you may have Missed

March 17, 2014

photo-1-1The 84th Geneva Motor Show kicked off last week and as certified automotive enthusiasts of all kinds, we at Eddie Wright were consuming every piece of news we could find. The show revealed a vast array of exciting cars catering to every corner of the industry. Displays ranged from the luxury car for the top end of the market right down to the main stream city car. The range of innovation, development and complexity of each vehicle is a sign that the once flagging motor industry is on the up. With manufacturers showcasing both production and concept cars this year, the world was shown that the industry can keep up the technological demands expected of them. Audi’s third generation TT was one of the most anticipated cars of 2014, but what did the lesser known manufacturers have in store for us?

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CES 2014: The Best New Car Technology

March 8, 2014

With Geneva underway and already ensuring 2014’s wave of automotive announcements is off to a great start, we take a look back at January’s Consumer Electronics Show, and detail all the vehicle technology that was announced, and what we can expect to see this year! How many of the new Geneva reveals will harness this technology? Will we really be sitting in self-driving cars just a handful of years from now? We explore all this and more in this, our latest blog post!

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