GardX - The Ultimate Vehicle Protection SystemWith the purchase of your vehicle likely to be one of the biggest investments you’ll make, why not protect its future sell-on value with GardX!

The Problem

In today’s environment the paintwork of your vehicle is exposed to wear from both the environment and human factors. With manufacturers now forced to use water based paints because they’re environmentally friendly, modern paintwork is easily susceptible to fading and oxidisation.

Wax polish normally does the trick doesn’t it?

The problem with wax polish is that whenever you wash your car the protective layer is consequently washed away. This then results in your vehicle being constantly vulnerable to grime, salt, tree sap, acid rain and the sun’s powerful UV rays. Wax polish will not be able to protect your vehicles paintwork degrading from any of these harmful pollutants once the protective layer has eroded.

The Solution

When you apply GardX Protection it provides your vehicle with a high gloss showroom shine, so good that you may never need to polish your car again! Tried and tested in the world’s most unforgiving environments the GardX nanotechnology works hard to protect your vehicle from harmful pollutants using a highly resilient transparent coating. You can even have peace-of-mind when bird droppings inevitably hit your car as GardX delays the damaging effects it can cause.

Additional GardX Vehicle Protection Products

Glass Guard:
When you apply Glass Guard to your windscreen it provides the glass with a water resistant layer which encourages any water the screen meets to bead and drip straight off from the windscreen. Glass Guard can be used on any glass surface.

Tyre Guard:
When you inevitably get a puncture, GardX Tyre Guard is a great option to have for temporarily repairing your tyre. All you need to do is attach the Tyre Guard to your tyre’s valve and force down on it. Your tyre will then be reinflated and the puncture will be repaired, all done in a quick and safe way.

Bird Dropping Remover:
Unpleasant as they are, bird droppings are also near enough unavoidable. They are acidic and can cause erosion on your vehicle’s paintwork which might leave permanent damage. GardX paint protection will shield against any corrosion, but damage may still occur if the droppings are not removed swiftly.

With all GardX Vehicle Protection products you are guaranteed a lifetime of protection on your vehicles paintwork, carpets, fabric upholstery and leather upholstery.


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